Juichi Yamagiwa



Juichi Yamagiwa (born 1952) is a Japanese primatologist and anthropologist. President of Kyoto University since 2014, he has headed the Primate Society of Japan (2005–09) and International Primatological Society (2008–12) as president and the journal Primates (2011–14) as editor-in-chief. Yamagiwa is best known for his great contribution to gorilla study and conservation. He began his career as a primatologist in 1975, under the supervision of Jun'ichiro Itani. After two years of study on wild Japanese macaques in Yakushima Island, he pursued fieldwork on eastern lowland gorillas (1978–79, 1987 to present), mountain gorillas (1980–82), and western lowland gorillas (1995 to present). He plays an active role in gorilla conservation, closely collaborating with local populations.